About GPS Alliance Holdings Limited

GPS Alliance Holdings Limited (GPS) was incorporated in New South Wales as a public company limited by shares on 25 March 2013. GPS holds the entire issued capital of the Singapore investment holding company, GPS Alliance Holdings Pte. Ltd. , a Singapore incorporated private company limited by shares.

GPS sets to position itself as a market leader in every aspect of the real estate industry, as well as creating borderless strategic alliances which span across the Asian region. Since its establishment in September 2010, with a vision for making positive waves in the industry, the GPS Group has grown rapidly.

GPS won one of the Top 5 SME1 Asia Awards in 2012 in the Emerging Award category and received the Most Promising Entrepreneurs Award at the Global Entrepreneurs Roundtable 2012 (GER 2012) held in Malaysia. GER 2012 brought together entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders from across the world to share and celebrate entrepreneurship. In 2013, GPS continued to receive more award recognition – Midas Touch Asia Platinum Award 2013 and Singapore Brands Award 2013/2014. Last year, 2014, GPS has again achieved Midas Touch Asia Platinum Award 2014, won Asia Excellence Award 2014 and the renowned Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2014 – Promising Brand.

With the progress made in the expansion of its business activities, GPS streamlined its business focus into three synergistic business segments conducted by its subsidiaries:

  • a real estate agency business conducted by Global Property Strategic Alliance (GPSA);
  • a property development business conducted by GPS Alliance Development and Investment (GPSDI);
  • a fit-out solutions business conducted by GPS Alliance Home Solutions (GPSHS).