Real Estate Agency Business

GPSA’s real estate agency business is involved in providing a wide spectrum of real estate services, including corporate leasing services, investment sales, commercial and industrial sales, en-bloc sales, full-time sales, training and seminars and local and international project sales. The individual services are organised into various strategic business units which are managed by full time department heads.

GPSA today manages about 650 experienced CEA (Council for Estate Agencies, Singapore) licensed salespeople.

There are a total of 1475 real estate agencies in Singapore (as at the date of this Prospectus). GPSA has emerged as one of the 11 largest real estate agencies in Singapore.

To motivate our salespeople, GPSA has in place an incentive scheme under which it pays bonuses each quarter to salespeople who have met the criteria set under the incentive scheme for that quarter.

GPSA continues to foster a progressive environment for entrepreneurship through its mentoring system. Successful senior salespeople carry out training and provide mentorship to guide new salespeople and teach them how to undertake their work like entrepreneurs. This enables successful salespeople to share their extensive experience with new salespeople and groom entrepreneurs.

Members of GPSA’s strong management team possess vast experience in the real estate industry. Many members of staff have been with the company since its establishment.

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